Tag: Inkscape

  • Presents Continuous

    Presents Continuous

    Explaining how I recreated the ABC Weekend Television start-up from the morning of Christmas Eve 1967.

  • Remember the name

    Remember the name

    A look back at some bits and bobs I did as a favour for the late, and much missed, Rob Milburn.

  • A Christmas Card

    A Christmas Card

    Explanation of how I created a Trumptonshire/BBC Presentation themed Christmas card for David Harper.

  • Drawing the Curtains

    Drawing the Curtains

    A description of how I recreated the curtain that was used for magic buttons on Westward Television’s “Gus Honeybun’s Birthdays”

  • Torch and Go

    Torch and Go

    Description of how music and graphics of the BBC Television Schools countdown from 1958 was recreated in MuseScore, Blender and Inkscape.

  • We will mend it…

    We will mend it…

    At the end of June 2023, my friend Mark Simpson from BBC Northern Ireland’s presentation department wrote to me with a rather unusual request. “An incident has occurred with our BBC1NI globe. It seems a new cleaner has been into our Pres suite and wiped the legend with something which has taken some of the…