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  • A Maze in Telly

    A Maze in Telly

    How I arranged the 4-Square Maze theme for an orchestra in MuseScore 4.

  • Remember the name

    Remember the name

    A look back at some bits and bobs I did as a favour for the late, and much missed, Rob Milburn.

  • Lemons Parking

    Lemons Parking

    A look at what the ground-breaking First Report/News at One theme would sound like if it had been played by an orchestra.

  • We will mend it…

    We will mend it…

    At the end of June 2023, my friend Mark Simpson from BBC Northern Ireland’s presentation department wrote to me with a rather unusual request. “An incident has occurred with our BBC1NI globe. It seems a new cleaner has been into our Pres suite and wiped the legend with something which has taken some of the…

  • Trade Test Transmission

    Trade Test Transmission

    This is just a quick post in case you come across this page accidentally. I am going to blog about my hobbies: the BBC Micro, fonts, Blender, Inkscape, Linux, the GIMP, Python and anything else I happen to be playing with. I’m just moving into this WordPress blog at the moment, so I’ll start writing…