Stupid Rubbish by Dave Jeffery

  • Presents Continuous

    Presents Continuous

    Explaining how I recreated the ABC Weekend Television start-up from the morning of Christmas Eve 1967.

  • A Maze in Telly

    A Maze in Telly

    How I arranged the 4-Square Maze theme for an orchestra in MuseScore 4.

  • Remember the name

    Remember the name

    A look back at some bits and bobs I did as a favour for the late, and much missed, Rob Milburn.

  • A Christmas Card

    A Christmas Card

    Explanation of how I created a Trumptonshire/BBC Presentation themed Christmas card for David Harper.

  • Drawing the Curtains

    Drawing the Curtains

    A description of how I recreated the curtain that was used for magic buttons on Westward Television’s “Gus Honeybun’s Birthdays”

  • Strings and Things

    Strings and Things

    My efforts to reproduce the theme tunes to the BBC’s “Micro Live” and “Computers In Control” in different ways.

  • Lemons Parking

    Lemons Parking

    A look at what the ground-breaking First Report/News at One theme would sound like if it had been played by an orchestra.

  • Recurring Nightmare

    Recurring Nightmare

    A piece detailing the creation of an orchestral version of the Big Centre TV start-up and close-down themes in MuseScore.

  • Torch and Go

    Torch and Go

    Description of how music and graphics of the BBC Television Schools countdown from 1958 was recreated in MuseScore, Blender and Inkscape.

  • Measure for Measure

    Measure for Measure

    BBC Television presentation had an inordinate amount of care put into it in the late 1950s and early 1960s. That may not seem surprising to people today, in an era when BBC Television presentation has a similar amount of effort put into it and has done for decades. However, there was a time between the…

  • We will mend it…

    We will mend it…

    At the end of June 2023, my friend Mark Simpson from BBC Northern Ireland’s presentation department wrote to me with a rather unusual request. “An incident has occurred with our BBC1NI globe. It seems a new cleaner has been into our Pres suite and wiped the legend with something which has taken some of the…

  • Secret Realms

    Secret Realms

    Repton was an BBC Micro puzzle game I first came across in 1985. It was one of the very, very few computer games that really clicked with me and I have had an on-off relationship with the lizard in the yellow jersey ever since! In 2010, I was involved in the BBC Micro and Electron…